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    The last three years have been a whirlwind of excitement, change and growth, but in the midst of that whirlwind, we may have lost touch with the culture that made the industry what it is. We want everyone this industry has touched, inspired, and brought together to stand and unite as one. Join the movement with Maricann and #ReSparkOurCulture

    We believe Cannabis culture is built on three major pillars: Social (bringing us together), Creativity (inspiring us) and Cultivation (ever-growing). Using the hashtag #ReSparkOurCulture show us what you are doing to keep the culture alive in the legal cannabis industry.

    Grow Tips: Transplanting

    Why not just one big pot? The root system requires oxygen for aerobic respiration Not all seeds will germinate. Soil for seedlings varies from flower soil. Easier to regulate nutrients, water, pH and all other factors as needed when using smaller pots. Once rapid growth starts, roots will need extensive room for growth, if they…

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    Grow Tips: Know About Germination

    What is germination? Germination is the development of a plant from a seed. Imbibing Imbibing is the process whereby the seed soaks up the water, eventually resulting in the seed coat splitting. Choose Your Germination Techniques: Towel propagation: seeds can be germinated in cloth; cheesecloth is most common but even paper towel will do. Size…

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    CannaMom: Luayn

    What’s your name? Lou How many children do you have? One. As planned by my husband and I. When did you first become a mother? 2009 What is one of the most rewarding aspects of motherhood to you? Seeing your child happy and succeeding at life. What is your preferred method of cannabis consumption? Old…

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    CannaMoms: Sarah

    What’s your name? Sarah How many children do you have? Two When did you first become a mother? 2014 What is one of the most rewarding aspects of motherhood to you? Getting to watch my children grow and learn while being happy and silly. What is your preferred method of cannabis consumption? I enjoy smoking…

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    CannaMoms: Rebecca

    What is your name? Rebecca How many children do you have? One When did you first become a mother? 2013 What is one of the most rewarding aspects of motherhood to you? Watching my son grow and learn, and seeing my son succeed at something is really rewarding. He is Autistic and has ADHD, so…

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    Cannabis Legends: Abi Roach

    We’ve hit the end of our Cannabis Legends series, and we brought the fire for the final installment. This Canadian Heavy hitter has played a very large part in paving the path to the legal cannabis industry. Cannabis Amnesty called her a “cannabis hero” and that is every bit true. Introducing, Abi Roach. Abi has…

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    Cannabis Legends: Dana Larsen

    To kick the week off on Maricann’s Cannabis Legends, we spotlight yet another famous Canadian Cannabis advocate. We’ve got one more left in the series so check back tomorrow for our final Cannabis Legends post. Introducing Dana Larsen. Dana Larsen is best known for his work on cannabis reform and to put an end to…

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    Cannabis Legends: Michelle Rainey

    Now we’d like to shift the focus to Canadian’s in Maricann’s Cannabis Legend series. Today we’re putting the spotlight on a Canadian icon and one of the first Canadians to receive a medical cannabis license in the country. Introducing Michelle Rainey. Michelle is one of Canada’s most recognizable cannabis crusaders. She helped establish the B.C…

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