Masterfully Grown

Fuelled by passion, curiosity, and more than a decade of international experience, to bring you some of Canada’s finest grown bud. Our Master Growers care for our plants like the dank masterpieces they are – in small batches, with artistry and finesse.

Taking Transparency to the Next Level

Wouldn’t it be nice to know exactly where your bud comes from – when it was harvested, whether it’s been irradiated, and who helped cultivate it? Why yes, it would. That’s why we have a Batch Tracker ID on all our packages, so you can toke with confidence in knowing the critical details of your Maricann product.

Practicing What We Preach

We’re so confident in our Master Growers and the quality bud that they cultivate, that we ditched the fancy branding and simply put their name on our products. How’s that for transparency?


Check out our lifestyle product range – from balanced to super intense, from connaisseur options to value packs.


Grown in one of Canada´s few EU-GMP licensed facilities, our medical products are available to patients directly here.