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Unleashing the power of the plant 

for the mind, body + spirit


Today, Maricann offers a variety of oil and flower products grown by expert cultivators in our environmentally-friendly facility. Our oils are clean, consistent and potent because we only use cutting-edge extraction technology.

As the market in Canada evolves, we’re preparing to offer robust, ambitiously innovative new options. Uniquely effective, purposefully designed products that elevate minds, bodies and spirits.

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research + development


Everyone’s heard of the Hippocratic Oath. our Development Team has actually taken it.

Our team of experts bring their knowledge of cannabis science and market dynamics to create offerings that leverage advanced technology and formulations. With unique experience in cultivation, extraction and development, our team creates products that are unmatched in Canada.


our facility

Growing Green. Because doing a world of good also means doing good by the world.

We have never been satisfied with the status quo.

We are constantly striving to improve everything we do. You can see the results in our biodynamically grown plants, our highly customized full-spectrum extraction and purification solutions, and our innovative product development processes.

And now we’ve taken that one step further. We’re expanding our cultivation facility in Langton, Ontario.

Designed to have the lowest carbon footprint in the industry, our state-of-the-art greenhouse features a Closed Controlled Environmental Growing System. With a high-tech, 10,000 square foot embedded research and development laboratory, advanced extraction solutions and GPP compliant product manufacturing, this 160,000 square-foot facility will enable us to create consistent products that exceed the rigorous quality standards of the Health Canada program. And it puts us in a perfect position for expansion into the international marketplace. See plans for our new facility


modern tech

Developing the world’s Most Authentic cannabis products and Innovative production methods.

 As the cannabis market in Canada expands to support additional product forms, Maricann will continue to pioneer exclusive options for our clients.

With a unique approach to cannabis product development, Maricann has created a line of extracts and differentiated products that align with increasing demand for pure, potent cannabis options.

Stay tuned for updates on the availability of new product lines.