We are Maricann!

Dedicated to cannabis, Maricann Inc. is one of Canada’s oldest licensed producers. Founded in 2013 and since April, 2020 a family-owned and operated company, we are a vertically integrated cannabis cultivator and producer and a proud Norfolk County community member. Labelled ‘Ontario’s Garden’, the county benefits from favourable terroir and an experienced agricultural workforce. One of the inaugural Health Canada licensees, its membership in the exclusive group of EU-GMP-certified Canadian LP’s since 2017 allows Maricann to serve international clientele in the medical space as well as cater to both the Canadian medical and recreational cannabis markets.


Living up to our responsibility as an LP

Being a licensed Canadian cannabis producer is a privilege we hold in the highest esteem. We honour this through equal dedication to creating the best possible experience reflective of the individual needs of each customer.

Poised to operate out of a visionary purpose-built cannabis production facility, Maricann combines craft spirit with leading technology. The structure’s unique design contributes to standardization of high-quality cannabis by enhancing environmental control and isolation – enhancing, not replacing the crucial component of an experienced human touch. Every stage throughout the growth cycle will be overseen by our dedicated and enthusiastic cultivation team.