Large Format Oils

CO2 extracted and decarboxylated pure flower
made with organic MCT oil

Our environmentally-friendly C02 extraction process creates a unique final product by carefully collecting all the raw cannabinoids
while retaining terpenes and flavonoids. The resultant concentrate exhibits a profile extremely close to actual cannabis flower while
remaining free of residual by-product. Therapeutic and recreational cannabinoid metabolization is enhanced through decarboxylation
(decarbed) and optimal formulation with organic MCT oil. The result is a 40ml bottle whose unique components unite in an authentic
and effective entourage. All oil products are for ingestion only. DO NOT smoke or vape these oils.


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Balanced, Forte

Balanced - CBD

7-14 mg/g

Balanced - THC

7-14 mg/g

Forte - CBD

0-1 mg/g

Forte - THC

18-21 mg/g