How do I register with Maricann?

At Maricann, we want to make the process of signing up and accessing your medical cannabis as quick and easy as possible. Below is a brief overview of the process. If you have any questions about getting started, our Client Service Representatives are available to help.

  • Patient completes application
  • Healthcare provider completes Medical document
  • Both forms submitted to Maricann Inc. by electronic portal, mail or secure fax
  • Maricann Inc. inputs documents into Maricann Registration system and verifies all patient and healthcare information
  • Maricann contacts Healthcare provider to confirm that the medical document is correct
  • On successful verification, the client is registered and receives documentation on how to order and can place orders via online store of by calling Maricann. Please note that the process typically takes 3 to 5 business days.

What methods of payment does Maricann accept?

You can place orders with our Client Services Representative over the phone or use our online store. We accept Visa and MasterCard payment, e-payments via Interac, money orders or cheques.

On completion of your order you will receive a confirmation receipt and an invoice will be shipped with your order.

What is the 30 day cycle?

Health Canada stipulates that patients receiving medical cannabis cannot have quantities in their possession exceeding 30 times their daily prescribed quantity.

A patient with a medical document prescribing 1 gram per day is entitled to purchase and have delivered to them 30 grams every 30 days. A patient with a medical document prescribing 5 grams per day is entitled to purchase and have delivered to them 150 grams every 30 days. A patient with more than 5 grams per day may only receive 150 grams per order but are allowed to purchase and have delivered to them their full 30 times daily quantity every 30 days.

It is important to note the following:

  • The 30 day count starts from the anticipated delivery date, not the date ordered.
  • The 30 day count does not coincide with a calendar month.
  • Each shipment cannot be more than 150 grams.

After registration is complete and you log into your account, the date you are able to order and the available grams are displayed in the Summary section. If you have questions about the information being displayed, please call and speak with a representative. We will be glad to assist you.

Does Maricann use PH adjusted water on its plants?

We use natural well-fed water that is treated with ultra violet light to ensure we have clean microbe free water. All our water is then pH adjusted to keep the plants in optimum growing conditions.

Does Maricann test for pesticides?

Maricann Inc. pest control management program includes only those pesticides that are registered for use on cannabis under the Pest Control Products Act. Those approved pesticides do not have established maximum residue levels due to their safety profiles, therefore do not require any specific testing. In the meantime, in order to ensure compliance of our product and minimize or eliminate the risk of potential cross contamination, Maricann has been voluntarily testing every lot of dried flower and cannabis oil for pesticide residues targeting about 100 known pesticide substances, utilizing services of independent testing organisations, such as Eurofins ExperChem Laboratories. This type of testing is a standard practice at Maricann since 2014, and is a part of Product Quality Specifications.

How does Maricann ensure the correct weight in each bottle?

Maricann takes great care to ensure consistency and accuracy. To ensure compliance with Health Canada regulations, we use Mettler Toledo scales that are accurate to 100th of a gram (0.01 of a gram). An external company performs a verification and calibration of each scale using ASTM approved weights. Prior to each packaging run, trained Maricann technicians check the scales with quality controlled ASTM standard weights verifying scale accuracy. After each bottle is filled, a printer connected to the scale produces a label specifying the weight of to 0.01 grams accuracy. Every print out is doubled checked and signed off by the filler and the supervisor. The print outs for every bottle are kept and checked a third time by the Quality Supervisor.

Maricann weight specification for a bottle fill weight is plus or minus 1%. So for a 10 gram bottle, the fill range is between 9.90 grams to 10.10 grams. Health Canada specification for a bottle fill weight is plus 1% and minus 5% of the target weight. So for a 10 gram bottle, the fill range can be between 9.50 grams and 10.10 grams.

Is Maricann product organically grown?

We are not 100% organic at this time. We continuously research the best growing options and utilize a variety of techniques - both organic and conventional, to produce the most consistent and potent cannabis. We use certain approved liquid fertilizers to help young plants develop strong roots. Once the plants have developed root systems, we switch to certified organic liquid fertilizers. We currently grow our plants in amended soil using natural organic components and natural minerals to ensure plant health and growth.

What is Maricann flower blend?

Dried cannabis flower pieces fall off the stems during handling and friction of the flowers in the storage containers causes small pieces to fall off. These flower pieces are collected and used in a blend. The blended flowers are collected from in-house strains and the composition of the mix will vary based on the strains being processed at the time of collection. The resulting blended flowers are tested to determine the THC and CBD levels and microbiological tests are completed to ensure they are within in the Health Canada specifications. The flower blend material ranges in size from very fine material up to small flowers less than 0.5 cm.

What if I am an existing MMAR Patient?

If you currently hold a valid Authorization to Possess medical cannabis (ATP) under the MMAR, you may submit your valid license to Maricann as your registration without having to obtain a medical document from your physician, or sending in a disclosure of health information form.

Please note: Maricann will notify health Canada of your registration. Your registration with Maricann will expire on the date your (ATP) would have expired and you will then need a medical document from a physician. When you mail in your ATP license to Maricann the only other document you will need to send is the Maricann registration application form.

Also Note: Patients who wish to preserve their MMAR licenses and also purchase product from a Licensed Producer can ask their physician for a new Medical Document, and use that to register with a producer instead of using the license itself.

Can I purchase Cannabis from Maricann today?

Yes, once you have provided your original completed Medical Document and Patient Registration Forms and they have been approved you will receive a welcome letter and Unique Identifier which will allow you to visit our shop online or you can ask our Client Service representative to provide you with an order by fax form. Orders placed by midnight Monday-Friday (excluding holidays) will be shipped the next business day.

What do I need in order to purchase from Maricann?

You’ll first need to complete and send us a Client Registration Form. You’ll also need to send us a special Medical Document that’s been completed by your health care provider.

After the documentation has been validated and confirmed you will receive a Maricann registration letter and Client ID. You will then be able to purchase online or by calling a Maricann representative.

How can I be sure that Maricann medical cannabis is safe?

Maricann has gone through a rigorous Health Canada Approval Process to become a Licensed Producer. Maricann is committed to offering consistent, potent medical cannabis grown under superior conditions. Our products are carefully tested both inhouse and by third party laboratories.

Medical cannabis is not suitable for everyone. Be sure to talk to your health care provider to find out whether it might be appropriate for you, and to ensure that your progress using medical cannabis is carefully monitored.