Marijuana Producer Growing ‘Green with Green’

By Jeff Tribe, Norfolk News


MariCann Inc. looks forward to ‘growing green with green’ in its state-of-the-art $8-million 180,000-square-foot expansion.

“This is the field of dreams,” said VP of Operations Richard Kropman, indicating a large, fenced rectangle dotted with heavy machinery.

On a drizzly January morning, the target area on the MariCann property southeast of Glen Meyer was a muddy expanse. But for what Director of Media and Investor Relations Shawn Alexander describes as a startup company in a startup industry, ambitious dreams are well on their way to reality.

“We refer to it as scaling up,” understated Alexander of a 700-per-cent expansion from the current 30,000 square-foot self-contained indoor grow, production and distribution facility.

“In eight months, you’re going to see roughly 180,000 square feet of buildings standing where that second dirt pile is,” added Kropman, pointing.


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