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Maricann is committed to helping Canada’s health care community offer eligible patients clinically tested, quality-controlled products that can be used to manage a variety of conditions.
We recognize that, while many healthcare professionals are excited to begin helping their patients access medical cannabis, there’s still too much misinformation out there. And we understand that some health care providers may be ambivalent about the value it could offer their practices. That’s why we’re always available to provide resources, answer questions and help demystify the world of cannabinoids and terpenes. We offer a number of resources to help health care providers better understand when and why they might want to prescribe cannabis, dosing recommendations and other useful information.

Understanding the new medical cannabis regulations

Regulations & Guidelines
As you probably know, Health Canada has recently changed its policies about the use of medical cannabis. These new guidelines mark a significant change with the government’s former regulations. It’s important for health care professionals to understand them so that eligible patients can get the treatment they need when it’s appropriate.
Below, you’ll find links to relevant information from Health Canada. Over the next few months, we’ll post additional information that can help you better understand how these regulations may affect you, your practice and your patients’ well-being.

General Information for Health Care Professionals

Health Canada has a comprehensive portal about medical cannabis. Here you’ll find information that can help you determine whether medical cannabis might be right for a patient, recommended dosages and the ways your patient can apply for authorization to possess cannabis for medical purposes.

Health Canada’s Guidelines& Resources

Maricann has knowledgeable representatives who can help health care professionals understand the entire prescribing process. Reach us today at 844-MARICANN or info@maricann.ca