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client registration with Maricann.

Two forms are required to register with Maricann: a Registration Application and a Medical Document, which is to be completed by a prescribing Health Care Practitioner (HCP). Submitting these two forms to Maricann Inc. begins the registration process.

Follow the two simple steps below to get started or contact us to speak with a Customer Service Representative.

Step 1


Ask your HCP to send your completed Medical Document to Maricann

via secure fax (from the medical clinic only) 1-844-291-7222

Step 2

Registration application

You or your HCP or Pharmacist can send your completed Registration Application to Maricann

via secure fax 1-844-291-7222 or email

Medical Document must be submitted to Maricann via:

  • Secure fax (from the Medical clinic only) 1-844-291-7222.

Once Maricann Inc. receives both documents, the process of verification and final registration begins and takes approximately 1-4 business days. Health Canada stipulates that a number of requirements are met in order to register.

The simplest and quickest way is to have both completed documents sent in by the HCP via secure fax.

You may preregister with Maricann by sending in your Registration Application in at any time.

Upon successful verification of your Registration Application and Medical Document, a representative from Maricann Inc. will contact you.

If you have any questions, please contact us @ 1-844-MARICANN (627-4226) and a Customer Service Representative will be glad to help. Alternatively you can reach us via email

registered clients of Maricann enjoy the following:

  • Discount of 5% on your first order

  • Discounted shipping rates

  • FREE Canada Post shipping with orders over $225 before taxes

  • A loyalty program recognizing returning patients

  • Orders processed by noon EST are shipped the same day

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