Maricann Ebersbach Facility

Maricann’s current fully funded 150,000 sq. ft (13,935 square meters) expansion of cultivation operations in its Ebersbach Facility is underway with a completion date of July 2017.  Capital from Green Streaming Capital, will allow Maricann to expand further into its Ebersbach facility by 250,000 sq. ft. (23,255 square meters) in a cultivation operation to be constructed.  The Ebersbach facility (West of Dresden), is a former Cargill plant constructed 20 years ago at a cost of 80 million EUR at that time.  Maricann entered into a reservation agreement to purchase the facility for a total price of 3,410,000 EUR at closing.  The facility is comprised of multiple individual clean rooms that are ideal for cultivation of cannabis.  To construct a similar facility today, the estimated cost would be 120 million EUR. 

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